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MSME Promotion Council India Notice

About us

MSME Promotion Council India

MSMEPCI works for the development of SMEs from manufacturing, service sectors and allied industrial / business sectors and shall be integrating Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, Banks, Financial Institutions, Policy makers, Young & Women entrepreneurs and Start–Ups to establish and enhance contacts for better business growth and expansion.

Innovative Ways To Grow Small Business & Enterprise Companies

Shri Vijay Kumar

National Chairman MSME PCI(India)

Our Motive

Empowering Indian MSMEs


MSME Promotion Council India Working

Supporting micro, small, and medium enterprises through financial aid, skill development, technology adoption, policy advocacy, and market access.

MSME Promotional Council India

MSME-Led Initiatives Powering Economic Growth

Some FAQ’s

MSME PCI's Multi-faceted Assistance

The MSME Promotion Council India program is a organization initiative aimed at supporting and promoting Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) across various sectors by providing them with essential resources, guidance, and opportunities to thrive in the competitive business landscape.

Any registered Micro, Small, or Medium Enterprise operating in India can participate in the MSME Council India program. The eligibility criteria are defined based on the enterprise’s size, investment in plant and machinery, and annual turnover.
The program offers a range of benefits, including access to financial assistance, training and capacity building, market exposure, networking opportunities, and information on government policies and schemes tailored to MSMEs.
Businesses can connect with MSME Promotion Council of India (MSME PCI) through its official website or designated contact points. Explore collaboration, support, and growth opportunities for mutual success.
The MSME PCI program offers mentorship, skill development, financing access, certification guidance, and collaboration opportunities to foster Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprise growth in India’s competitive landscape.
MSME Promotional Council India

How MSME PCI Work?